Hand-Crafted, All Natural, Plant-Based Soap

The name Feet, Face and Fanny comes straight out of the hollers of Kentucky and Tennessee, as far back as battle times between moon shiners and revenuers. I had a great uncle, apparently a troublesome sheriff, who was shot by a moon shiner thru a kitchen window, while he was drinking a glass of water at the sink or so the family legend goes.

My soap making journey is inspired by the memory of my grandmother. She and my grandfather were share croppers who raised my mother through America's great depression. They were flour-sack-dress-no-shoes-in-the-summer poor, but always had plenty to eat due to their bountiful gardens, canning, and other country know how.

Church was an important spiritual and social event for my grandparents. As a little girl, in the rush to get everyone spruced up for church using water carried from a well and heated on a wood stove, my grandmother learned the expression, "Remember what's important, it's face, feet and fanny." The expression stuck, so I grew up hearing it from my grandmother and aunts when we would travel to Kentucky to visit in the summer. That memory, along with my grandmother telling me how they would make their soap outdoors from lard and lye, has brought me to this point. The expression seems to roll off the tongue better as Feet, Face and Fanny. I use only plant-based oils to make my soap, but I think my grandmother would tell me, "That soap will do you proud".

My wife and I live up in northern Maine on a pristine lake, complete with loons. I make FFF soap in our kitchen in small single loaf batches. The formal name for my soap making is "cold process kettle method". Handcrafting soap is a thoughtful and creative process that I enjoy. I hope FFF Soap will add pleasure to your lives.

David Carter